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 Meeting 29/03/2009

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PostSubject: Meeting 29/03/2009   Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:22 am

Meeting of 29th March 2009 in TA on 144 from 18.00 GMT

Those Present


1) It was agreed I was the best CO ever (Well 4 people said so anyway)

2) Every event to be posted with a GMT time from now on proposed by Klingan and carried unanimously.

3) Nutte needs input for new designs for tee shirts.

4) Reiner is our new recruitment and retention officer and this is to be reflected in the site pages as an official position in the squad. Reiner will achive this by running missions in the way Floats did.

5) Reiner generally suggested more missions and variety of mission in the MA as well as a game he got from I think POTW, or Drunken Monkeys of fighter sweep all in the same plane and whoever lands the most kills chooses the next plane.

6) Juugamn brought up having a prefix like (+)Jugman on the rosta. We discovered before we couldnt do this and the alternative didnt appeal at this stage or changeing names.

7) Reiner and Medic are keen for more missions and missions involving co operation with other squads.

Medic suggested a squad meet up before FSO to pracitce plane sets etc and this went down very well as an idea.

That was pretty much it.
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Meeting 29/03/2009
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