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 Minutes 27/07/2009

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PostSubject: Minutes 27/07/2009   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:30 pm

(Jugman seriously ill in Hospital)

Summary and Conclussions:

1) Back to Knight after the meeting except Klingan who will finish the tour with "The Few" at bish.

2) Possible scrimmage to be arranged with "The unforgiven".

3) Klingan explains "The Few" work together better than Precision with better communication and discipline.

4) Reiner to help with FSO.

5 Unanimoulsy decided Floats to work toward a more accesable as well as permenant web pages/site. Medic thanked for his efforts but it was felt he should not be asked to do more in the light of his responsibilities to his young family. It is hoped that Floats and medic can work together on this going forward but it is understood medic may not have the time available.

6) Floats himself without prompting, publicly acknowledged he had behaved excessivley towards both Medic and Reiner this tour and had recieved a repremand from the co. He put this very plausably down to his medication.

7) Current tee shirts to be continued with and purchased.

Yarbles unanimously given the authority to enforce rules on minnimum standards to the effect.

1) Anyone servicing less than 10 hours during a tour without contacting the CO for dispensation to be removed from the squad at the end of the tour.

2) Anyone not partiipating in the minnimum no of squad activities in a given period as per the bye laws to be removed from the squad unless dispensation is sought by contacting the co via tyhe web site.
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Minutes 27/07/2009
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